When You Hit The Wall

We all want to live the dream. I mean who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to live a life that you can have what you want? The problem is that people start off strong then they hit the wall and eventually give up.

Off to The Races

We all know that feeling. You’re enthusiastic. You have tons of energy. You are so happy to be starting something and trying for something difficult. It is kind of like the picture you see of people starting a marathon. There are a lot of people there. Everyone is so excited. Everyone looks great. Everyone is in a good mood.

Slowly Lose Momentum

But here is what happens, you’re so happy to be doing something, then you have a setback. Then you lose a little of that enthusiasm. Then you hit another setback. Then your brain doesn’t like this so it wants to shut everything down so you don’t continue anymore…so you give up your dream. It’s not that dreams are impossible; it’s that people find it impossible to keep up their hope and energy faced with all of the negative setbacks.

How to Fight That

Napoleon said this, “most battles are lost from loss of hope than loss of blood.” It’s not impossible…it’s just that you’ve lost hope. There is a thing that happens right when you are really close to your goal. The enemy fights you the hardest at that every moment. The enemy doesn’t want you to live the dream. The enemy doesn’t want you to win. Most people give up right before they are about to have a victory.

The Reality

The reality is that in order to have a miracle you have to be at a dead end. That is the stage before the big breakthrough. People think, “I’m at a dead end…so I’ll just quit…I don’t see a way out.” But that is the same situation right before you get your miracle. Miracles, by definition, come out of nowhere…unforeseen and unplanned. So when you hit a wall really hard that you have never seen before, that usually means that you are almost there.

Maurice Perdreau

Founder, Perdreams

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