The Most Important Part of Achieving Your Dreams

I did a list several years back where I listed the most important parts of being successful. I went through a lot of characteristics, and there is one at the top by far. It’s desire. Desire is another word for ambition. That is why at Perdreams our motto is “Dreams, Determination, Desire.”

Why desire is so important

Desire is important because if you don’t want something, you are never going to get it. Even something as lucky as winning the lottery, you still have to desire to win the lottery by buying a ticket. You also have to show tangible evidence that you desire something. You have to prove that you want it.

How to achieve your desires

You prove what you want in life by your actions. A lot of people want to lose weight but unless you are watching what you eat, it’s not going to happen. That is the big difference between dreamers and people who live the dream…it’s not about dreaming that you want something, but acting on your dreams. You may want to live the dream, but can you really prove that you really want it by your actions?

When it will happen

How many times have you heard this, “I am going to try this for x amount of time and see what happens.” Living the dream is a lifestyle, something that takes a long time to achieve. But it will happen if you keep at it. No matter what your dream is, remember how much you want it…and stick to it through thick and thin. You’ll find that you’ll eventually get it if you keep at it long enough.

Maurice Perdreau

Founder, Perdreams

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