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House of Perdreams: The Story

Maurice Perdreau, Perdreams founder, had a premonition from an early age that something was to become of his life...that something he would eventually do would make an impact on this world. He had the desire to change the world, to be a defiant one, to launch a movement. He was never encouraged to be an artist, not taking an art class from the age of 13 to 22.  Interested in art after living in Paris, he decided to take 4 art classes after college.  He got B's in all of his classes. No one thought he had any potential in art, nor did he, so he decided to go to law school.  In law school, he had a vision of starting a clothing line. With no training in fashion, he thought it was a passing thought because it looked impossible.  One day while studying for the bar exam and he suddenly arrived at his original artistic style out of nowhere. (continued)

Not thinking it was anything special, Perdreau stopped painting.  After law school, he spent several years starting a successful app business. He thought art was not going to be a part of his life.  He put his easel in storage and didn't do a painting for 2 years. However, in 2013, he arrived at a crisis in his business.  But he didn't want to give up.  Not knowing what next step to take, one morning he randomly decided to show his "bar exam" painting to galleries where he lived near New York City.  Miraculously, he received a gallery contract on the spot.  At first, he didn't know if he should do it.  But an inner voice told him, "try it and see what happens."  Four months later he received a show that would be next to a Picasso exhibition in Manhattan. Perdreau thought he had made it.  However, Perdreau learned that success in the art world isn't as easy as those first several months.  Again, at a standstill, Perdreau had the option of attempting to continue or giving up. (continued)
It was during this period of self-reflection, Perdreau got the idea for Perdreams. He immediately realized that Perdreams was the answer, the answer he'd been waiting for his whole life. That's how Perdreams started...a story of persistence, determination, and perseverance...realizing the impossible dream. Perdreams debuted its first  ready-to-wear collection, with a launch of Perdreams.com on Valentines Day 2016.  In February 2017, Perdreams had its runway debut during New York Fashion Week and was in an Oscars gifting suite in Hollywood.
With Perdreams, Perdreau found his movement...his cause...something that really could change the world...something worth fighting for.  Perdreams became the culmination of Perdreau's 10-year entrepreneurial journey, which began in 2008, but is a story that really started the day he was born. Because Perdreams donates 10% of its revenue to child poverty and saving animals, Perdreau is changing the world...the fulfillment of the lifelong premonition. He wants you to join this movement, to join the rebellion, to live the life you want to live...like he did, to be the person you want to be, to live the dream.  Like Perdreau, it's your moment to fulfill your destiny.

World of Perdreams

A dreamer created Perdreams.  With Perdreams, you can be the person you have always dreamed of being: noticed, exceptional, and remarkable.  Founded and based in New York City, by wearing Perdreams, one gets stares in a concrete jungle where people will try to avoid eye contact.  Perdreams stands for taking the world by storm and realizing your dreams.
In a world where everything has already been done, you exude the original you are and the status you have earned.  Perdreams isn't created from studying other designers like the rest of the fashion world.  There is nobody in the world like you and there is nothing in the world like Perdreams.  You are deserving of praise.  You are phenomenal.  You are one of a kind. Perdreams is an original, worthy for a person like you.  You can trust us to help you become the person you want to be.

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Perdreams' Purpose

At Perdreams, we LOVE fashion and making people's lives better by wearing our clothes.  We really believe our clothes make you feel better.  Our mission statement is to "change the world through fashion."  We want to change your life but we also want the world to be a better place because of Perdreams. 10% of our clothing revenue contributes to ending international child poverty through our charity World Vision.  Perdreams founder Maurice Perdreau is a vegetarian and is committed to creating non-leather handbags.  10% of the handbag revenue contributes to helping prevent cruelty to animal with the ASPCA.

Commitment to the Environment

Perdreams is a environmentally focused, zero-waste organization.  That means that Perdreams produces 0 waste or unnecessary resources so that we don't pollute the environment with our business. Fashion is the #2 worst industry for the environment.  In fact, if fashion were to stop making clothes today, we would have enough clothes right now for the next decade. With Perdreams, you can live the dream AND save the world. 

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