Life is tough…you can get through it

At Perdreams, we are trying to be a movement…a way of life…where people get the most of what they can out of life. So you can live the dream. Nike has “Just Do It” and Perdreams has “Live The Dream.”

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Life is tough…but I don’t have to tell you that…you know that already. The big problem with life is that you have to figure so much of it out. In school, we study history for all of those years…but we don’t study how to handle our future. We have to figure that stuff out on our own largely through trial and error. Another song is “I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Life: 101

But here is the part they don’t teach in school: how to live life…it’s already out there in public knowledge in books. That is what the past 2,500 years of philosophy is all about. Kierkegaard said, “life is an art.” Life is a skill. Some people are more skilled at it so they live a better life. But you can get better at life. It’s not something that is fixed in stone…that you’re born with…or something that you can’t learn to get better at. It’s a skill just like learning to drive. It’s just that some people put a lot of time into becoming racecar drivers and some people just are okay with taking the bus. It’s all about the effort you put in to getting better at life.

How You Can Fix It

You can learn to live a better life. The things you don’t like about yourself…you can read a book on how to address that. The things you don’t like about life…you can read a book to address that. The problems you have in life…you can read a book to address that. Growing up, we learn how to research events that happened 200 years ago, but we weren’t given tools to solve our own problems in life. Getting better at life is all about reading books to address life’s problems. Every issue possible in your life has already been solved in a major way in a book. You don’t even have to read just listen to audio book while you’re driving, doing laundry, or doing grocery shopping. A life where your problems are solved…that’s really living the dream.


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