Just Wait For It…

We usually say “wait for it” when we are anticipating something funny. But I am here to tell you that this saying also goes for the things you want in life…“just wait for it.” If you see something you want…just wait for it. If you want to become something…just wait for it. Imagine yourself on Amazon, and you could search anything you wanted to do with your life. For each item there would be a cost and a delivery date. Everything you want to do in life has a cost in time, money, and energy…and delivery date. If they knew the precise dates and costs, people would try more things, but you never learn the numbers until you’ve reached it. You can basically do almost anything if you pay the costs and wait for the delivery date.

It’s usually the delivery date that gets everyone. People order things in this analogy, and they don’t receive them fast enough and they don’t know if it will arrive. So they cancel the order. After working on projects for 10 years, I learned that everything has a delivery date. I have been able to do the majority of the things I want with my life merely because I have waited for them. So many of the things I have always wanted to do for me had a 10-year delivery date. If you could do anything, but it took you 10 years would you do it? There are other things I want to do, but have not yet done because they have longer delivery dates.

Here is the problem. The delivery date for most things is beyond three years. Three years is about as long as people can take things. That’s why it’s difficult to live your dream because right when you decide to quit is just before you see things about to take off. Of course, you have to work hard. But most of the things you want from life are just a matter of waiting for them. You could have millions and work really hard, but most things are just a matter of waiting. It’s not as catchy as “Just Do It” but you can think of it as “Just Wait for It.” Patience is just as important than action. The best things take a long time.


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