How To Use The Dark Side

We spend a lot of our energy trying to fight the feelings that we don’t want in life. We use a lot of it fighting ourselves to stop us from doing the things we want to do but shouldn’t. And we spend a lot of energy forcing ourselves to do the things we know we should be doing. This is your fight with the Dark Side. You’re spending a huge about of energy fighting the Dark Side.

But just like in Star Wars, there is tremendous power in the Dark Side. The Dark Side is your deep primal energy.  Instead of fighting it, acknowledge it and turn that energy around. The most powerful Jedis didn’t suppress the Dark Side. They came very close to the Dark Side, but didn’t join it. They don’t start doing Dark Side things…in fact, they used the Dark Side energy to fight the Dark Side. It’s just acknowledging that primal energy and trying to channel it into useful energy. The Jedis channeled their Dark Side energy.  If you can use the Dark Side and not join the Dark Side, you’ll go to another level.

It’s kind of like in Judo, where you use the opponent’s size and strength against him. You can flip that Dark Side energy into positive energy and use it against itself. Instead of fighting the Dark Side…use the Dark Side to your advantage. Then you’ll truly be a Jedi.


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