Destination: Desires

We all would like to “live the dream” as we always say at Perdreams.  Well, there is a big reason why people don’t live the dream.  It’s because the destination is hard too get to.  It is easy to say, “I want this.”  But that just makes you one of the billions of people who want a better life.

The Road Blocks

You have to have a destination in mind but know that there will be a lot of adversity before you get there.  The old saying is “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” That is why at Perdreams the motto isn’t just “dreams and desires.”  The important part is determination…that you continue when times get tough…that you don’t take that easy way out when you feel like quitting.

The Result

So if you have that determination part, that is going to lead to you achieving your desires and living the dream…not just wishful thinking.

Maurice Perdreau

Founder, Perdreams

Enter your dreams on the Dream Wall in the comments and I’ll give you my thoughts about how you can get there.


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