Have Courage...Just Ask

I don’t know why we get so scared of asking for things. It’s probably that we have a deathly fear of rejection and failure. But we need to have the courage to ask for what we want in life.

Best Case Scenario

We get so caught up in the possibility of rejection that we don’t even go after the things we want in life. There is a two step process to getting what you want in life.  The first is asking for it. And the second is that person saying “yes.” That’s all it is. It can apply to anything. You see people are so afraid of rejection that there are things that they can definitely have, but since they don’t have the courage to ask for it, they will never get it. The difference between you right now and your dream life can just be you getting up the courage to ask for things directly.

Worst Case Scenario

“But what if they say ‘no’?” That is the question that is probably going through your head. Who really cares if they say no? You really shouldn’t. Because when they say “no” you’re just in the exact place that you were before you asked the question. So basically you have nothing to lose by asking for what you want. You’ll be definitely surprised at what people say yes to.
So if there is something you want...just give it a shot...ask for it. You really have nothing to lose.

“Fortune favors the bold.” -Virgil.

Dare and dare greatly,


Perdreams Founder