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"A Moonlit Walk" Bodycon Dress, Kimono Robe

$138 - $148


When You Hit The Wall

We all want to live the dream. I mean who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to live a life that you can have what you want? The problem is that people start off strong then they hit the wall and eventually give up. Off to The Races             We all know that feeling. You’re enthusiastic. You have tons of energy. You are so happy to be starting something and trying for something difficult. It is kind of like the picture you see of people starting a marathon. There are a lot of people there. Everyone is so excited. Everyone looks great. Everyone is in a good mood. Slowly Lose Momentum             But here is what happens, you’re so happy to be...

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The Most Important Part of Achieving Your Dreams

I did a list several years back where I listed the most important parts of being successful. I went through a lot of characteristics, and there is one at the top by far. It’s desire. Desire is another word for ambition. That is why at Perdreams our motto is “Dreams, Determination, Desire.” Why desire is so important             Desire is important because if you don’t want something, you are never going to get it. Even something as lucky as winning the lottery, you still have to desire to win the lottery by buying a ticket. You also have to show tangible evidence that you desire something. You have to prove that you want it. How to achieve your desires            ...

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Destination: Desires

  We all would like to "live the dream" as we always say at Perdreams.  Well, there is a big reason why people don't live the dream.  It's because the destination is hard too get to.  It is easy to say, "I want this."  But that just makes you one of the billions of people who want a better life. The Road Blocks You have to have a destination in mind but know that there will be a lot of adversity before you get there.  The old saying is "if it was easy, everyone would be doing it." That is why at Perdreams the motto isn't just "dreams and desires."  The important part is determination...that you continue when times get...

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